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MM0OPX Amateur Radio

The adjustiwave antenna system is an efficient adjustable quarter wave vertical antenna that can be used anywhere between 3.5Mhz and 148Mhz (3.5Mhz to 50Mhz on non choke balun version). Resonance is achieved by either extending or retracting the antenna wires via a reel and pulley system. Primarily designed for use on the Amateur Radio bands but due to its continuous frequency coverage it is also ideal for any other radio communication services. Primarily designed for portable operation but also ideal for fixed installations.

How many antenna systems do you know of that can be used anywhere between 3.5Mhz and 148Mhz, set up in less than 20 minutes, perform as a quarter wave vertical and handle 1Kw plus?

No more Tuners! How often do we make compromises in order to work multiple bands with 1 antenna? Due to the adjustiwaves reel and pulley system, a near perfect match (SWR 1.5:1 or better) can be reached on the desired frequency you want to operate on.

Made as standard with an adjustable radial which enables rapid deployment. The system can be set up for operation is less than 20 minutes! For better efficiency, a radial plate & radials can be utilised.

Operate lower than 7Mhz with only 10 – 11 meters overall height by linear loading the driven element. Overall height is reduced drastically (by up to 50%) which allows the use of cheaper shorter antenna masts/supports. How much efficiency do you lose by linear loading? I’ve done some modeling with MMANA Basic but I think its ability is somewhat limited. When you model linear loading. MMANA shows its actually 0.4db better than a standard vertical at 5 degrees. Do I beleive this? The jury is out but I think the difference is negligible in real terms.

Standard 80m 1/4 wave ground mounted vertical antenna with 32 radials
Linear loaded 80m 1/4 wave ground mounted vertical antenna with 32 radials

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